The Eastern Exchange

I’ve arrived in Durban, which is littered with banners claiming it to be the “Warmest place in South Africa”. While they didn’t exactly do their homework on that, it certainly is the best combination of warmth and excitement. The fan parks for each host city have been great for soccer fans without tickets. For me, I’ve made it a habit to catch as many matches as possible at the fan parks for the atmosphere. Some of these fan zones are in small stadiums, some are in parks. Durban’s fan zone is on the beach. The term “on the beach” has been diluted by the miles of town that are remotely close to the coast who claim to be on the beach. Durban’s fan zone, however, is rather on the beach. Kids playing beach soccer in front of the huge monitor could kick a ball too hard and have to fish it out of the ocean. That kind of on the beach.

After a several hour nap in the sand yesterday I awoke to watch Portugal annihilate Korea D.P.R. This convincing win all but solidifies the playoff match in Cape Town (the far west) which is of course, on my birthday. As exciting as all that is, it will be one hellish bus ride…

The people in my latest hostel have been awesome. I have been jaded by lovely foreigners from all around the world and I must admit, it was great to finally hang out with some good ol’ boys. Three Kentucky soccer fanatics, who opt to wear U.S. garb to any match regardless of who’s playing, filled the air with a proper amount of sarcasm last evening. There is something about humor from home that can be incomparably pleasurable when traveling.

It’s hot here in Durban and I am finally feeling like I haven’t blown this whole summer. I can’t help but grin at the thought of all those cold loving snakes back home are suffering immensely about this time of year. The August sun of Central California will be a fine welcome home for me. All thoughts of home aside, my beard grows ever thicker and my wallet ever lighter. I function amidst the exchange of wealth for memories.

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  1. hey
    sounds like your having a great time! when are you travelling till?

  2. hello,
    sounds like your having fun! when are you travelling till?

  3. Words aren’t enough to tell you how jealous of you I am right now. I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve been keeping you in my prayers, and it sounds like you’re having an awesome time. Even though you’re a bit reckless, I do wish you safe travels! ;) Just make sure to come back alive so we can tell each other of our adventures. I miss ya, buddy

  4. aaaarrronnnnn! this was amazing! so jealous and happy you’re having a swell time :) can’t wait to hear stories.. miss you!

  5. thanks all, I’m traveling till July 19th. Updates coming soon (i’ve been without internet for a good bit now.)

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