Life as an Appetizer

I was talking with someone the other day and, as is often the case, I made some remark about getting myself killed sooner or later. My friend informed me that she has a great fear of death and that my comment made her uneasy. In a desperate effort to redeem the conversation and myself, I developed this perspective…

Life as an appetizer is a perspective that targets the people that overvalue life here on earth and fear what’s to come, or rather what’s not to come. Valuing life here on earth is not unimportant in any way, but in the same manner one would consider the main course more significant than the appetizer, how much greater is heaven than these measly 80 years.
When you sit down at a restaurant and order your appetizer and main course, your focus and primary interest should not be on the sparse, and often overpriced, starter course. It’s easy to get caught up in the here and now when the dish comes out and looks great. It’s not the main course. If you gorge and over eat on it, you’re main course experience will be ruined.
And then if the appetizer comes out disheveled or too cold or somebody screwed up the order completely, it’s frustrating. Your expectations get shot down and what you were told was going to be something great, turns out to be a huge disappointment. A lot of people here on earth want you to feel like this is all you get. They want you to get everything you can and focus on yourself in this little whirlwind called life. They pressure you to hurry up and get yours because this is all they know. They tell you that once you mess this appetizer up, you’re screwed. It’s INSANE!
I’m hungry, I don’t know about you. In truth I love life here on earth, it tastes great! But get real! If death came early or if some horrendous disaster shattered my life all over the floor, it won’t change my perfect, amazing, and eternal main course.

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