Excerpt from Untitled South Africa Book

Weighted down by the full mass of monotony I sat, emotionally hunched over and exhausted. I had to escape. I had to find certainty of the fact that I was not destined to endure this forever. There was a longing deep within my core, yearning for the epic. There was something summoning me. Something or someone was assuring me that what I was about to do, though I be discouraged and criticized, was the right choice. I had a growing faith that an opportunity was coming and, if I took it, I was surely in store for the amazing.

This was my way out. My escape took shape before my eyes in the form of a soccer tournament. A soccer tournament that, despite occurring every four years, was the first of it’s kind. This was history in the making.

This would be my adventure. It would be the catalyst that would set me free. And I, not entirely ignorant to the gravity of it all, was prepared. I had foreseen some small scale model of the purpose this tournament would serve in my life. I had already considered long ago, if only briefly, making an escape to the wild host nation of this tournament. I knew there would be so much against me, the unknown and unexpected culprits would seek to crush my ambitions. I needed to take action quickly and without uncertainty.

In order to solidify my place in this destiny I had to move in silky spontaneity. Finding encouragement in those supporting me. It would be with the twitch of a trigger finger that the decision was made. I had less than one year to save up and prepare for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.
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  1. I can’t wait to read the rest! Go, Aaron, go!

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