Faith Beyond Walls

Anything is possible in preparation. Mountains can be moved when there are no mountains in sight. Any river can be crossed when surrounded by dry land. The church can reach the entire world, every nation, until we step foot into Babylon on Sunday afternoon.

What is it that shatters that confidence we find in safety. Once danger introduces fear, we see details and become filled with doubt. The imagination we find inspiration in within those walls is diluted and dissipated out there. Out there, we can lose sight of who we are, lose sight of what we can do. The mountain-top experience loses something in it’s descent. Something is forever left in the temples and shrines.

The church is not our place of sustenance. The Holy Spirit can not be imprisoned like a lion, within the walls of the church. Pastors and elders aren’t strong enough to cage the wild beast. He seeks to explode beyond the walls of great cities and beyond the borders of great nations. My God does not become weakened beyond the proximity of familiarity. The spirit we find as our watering well is yearning to be a flood, dammed by the insignificant. The world is waiting impatiently for someone to unleash a flood. It waits for something to tear down the walls of the church.

We have sought to reside in the safe place. We took the easy route to avoid the harsh reality of Nineveh. At some point we have to stop relying on people to walk through our front doors, and leave the church. The exodus from safety is inevitable. May our faith guide us beyond walls and shelter and into the terrifying unknown.

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  1. Great comments … definitely makes one think … hopefully we will move beyond thinking.

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