The Very Worst of Wives

I am married to a most terrible wife. Her hatred towards me is a poison that I can but offer back in returning. And like the worst of wives, she sneers with jealous discontent when I come home. It’s always, “Where have you been? What have you been doing?” She can’t wrap her primitive mind around my ambitions. She can’t accept me for who I am or what I strive to be. I am conscious of the fact that she never will.

This spouse of mine, this perennial expression that embodies my home, is an unfaithful wife. She summons me home with false promises of content. She bribes me with chrome plated offers of success and growth. Thus, when I come home and embrace her in my arms, suddenly happy to see her, she turns her back to me, snickering as my shoulders slump. Alas this is my lot. She is my wife and I have vowed to love her.

I believe that a good husband can improve the very worst of wives. May she spit in my face each time I lower my guard, she is my wife and I am her husband. I will endure what must be endured and change what must be changed. I will not abandon her.

Should the call of the wild be carried, through the wind, to my ears, as it so often does, I will recognize it. I will remember the natural beauty, the radical experiences that words come miles shy of expressing. I will recollect the joy, the freedom to laugh and cry and exist beyond the framework of mortal expectations. I will never forget what’s out there. I couldn’t if I tried. But, she is my wife, as awful as she may be, and I am her husband.

I am full of hope now. The love gained from afar is my offering to her. She will reject it of course but it will ever be freely given to her. Full of love I have returned and beneath the falling hail that is the rage of my wife, I shall ever call her home. She is my wife, and I am her husband. This is home.

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  1. Wow, Arron, Are you writing all of these? These are amazing. You are a wonderful writer!! Bravo.

    • With the whole first name basis you’ve assumed, I’m guessing we know each other… In which case, I would ask that you view my blog address and notice the correct spelling of my name. This is a sore subject as Aaron is a very old and common name and I am still flabbergasted at the blatant disregard of it’s correct spelling…

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