The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good

Amongst several other far fetched goals I had set for this Africa trip was my desire to see a wild lion. While I had no money to do this, so I thought, I was focused on achieving an unforgettable experience, any way possible.

I have done a poor job in detailing the company with which i have traveled for the last month. Pat, Nick, and Matt are fellow Californians that I ran into in Durban and have been traveling with on and off ever since. They set out to watch football and record a documentary of their trip, a task I have attempted to help out with. Excluding the facts that they were generally great company and had the tenacity I lacked to get anything done, they had a rented car.

4,500km, 3 world cup matches, and about 11 cities later we had formed an inseparable friendship. We have already made plans to continue traveling into the future. We do, however, part ways tomorrow and I will once again roam alone. No such parting should be done without a fine finale.

On a whim during breakfast, it was decided that we would venture to a nearby park to try to find some wild animals. Overjoyed and rowdy we arrived and found roughly a 6 dollar cover charge and open roam access to the Big 5 and more. One of such creatures, or should I say about 8, caused a bit of concern

On our way out of the park, frustrated at the fact that we hadn’t seen any lions, we realized we were late and the gates were soon closing. Speeding along we caught a flicker in the distance and soon discovered it belonged to a lioness’ death stare. We immediately stopped and more or less freaked out. A few minutes of panicked initiating of cameras passed and we looked up to see the king himself roam out into the road. In awe of the majestic beast, we froze and simply watched in silence. A few more minutes passed in this trance before we noticed many, MANY, more lions circling the car from out of the tall grass. Less than one moment passed before we were yelling and snapping hurried pictures, going about 35 mph in reverse. It was later revealed, via testimony and video, that one undetected male lion was crouched, about to attack our passenger window. It was time to leave the park.

We have remained in a state of sheer ecstasy since the encounter. However, I dare not fall too in love with the shocking lion encounter that I forget to mention the elephants, rhinos, giraffes, hippos, etc. that we also came dangerously close to (particularly a 10 foot encounter to a full grown rhino). But alas, my time is short and internet is faulty. All this being hunted by a lion pack has left me rather hungry, and thirsty… If I don’t update by Sunday, Happy Nelson Mandela Day!!

The Bad and the Ugly to be continued…

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  1. I LOVE IT and i have to see your pics when you get back. You should go on the adrenalin of that experience for about 6 months or so…

  2. Seriously, it’ll be about 6 months until I’m bound to be somewhere new…

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