Lions of Men

I haven’t had a chance to update since Cape Town and for that I apologize. Low internet connectivity and a gashed index finger made for discouraging blogging. While internet is still terrible and, alas, my finger is indeed still gashed, I will do my best…

There was a moment of revelation in Cape Town. I had finished my last blog update, went outside for a phone call and afterward, began to get screamed at to leave the building as there had already been a bomb threat evacuation. Apparently nobody gave me the memo. I hustled out and in the waiting moments to explosion I was informed that this was one of the original ANC rebellion headquarters and the building had already been bombed once before. This is just classic… The experience told me that not only could I have been dusted in Africa, again, but that the battle for equality and peace is far from over in South Africa. Either way, I felt the winds of change begin to blow.

I re-entered the building after certainty of safety was issued, and hopped back online. I called my old California friends, who were now in Durban, and informed them to pick me up at Durban International at noon the next day. With a spontaneous flight booking and a pick-up arranged, I was en route for some more great times with my favorite Californian South Africans.

Once reunited the journey continued, back to the wild coast (due to my insistent pestering). Surprised hugs and laughs flowed free of charge with the return to the beautifully wild Port St. Johns. We made more friends quickly and after some food and drinks we all felt that a night game at the local public pitch was a great idea.

The night was brisk and a bit foggy but the locals didn’t seem to notice. With 12 of us walking together like neighborhood friends, none of us really minded the cold. We quickly picked teams, 6 on 6, and of course the locals were captains. Then we, rich or poor but sporting our very best soccer jerseys, kicked off the greatest game of our lives. Uncontrollable laughter and unforgettable entertainment comensed. Amazing goals and hilarious mistakes were offered rampantly as the night ran on. A bond was formed through the great game of football, yes I mean football in it’s truest form, so strong that I cannot think of life without those friends from Port St. Johns. I take solace in the fact that I am the only thing holding me back from returning in the future…

Feeling ever more at home here I cannot help but see my looming return trip as yet another vacation. I have found that one who loves to travel sees the trip back home as just another journey, another adventure. However, there is still much to do here before that adventure. There are still lions to see and people to meet or who knows,just MAYBE meet a lion as well…. Wink!

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