Now This Is My Africa

Port St. Johns is not only a more friendly place than most, but it is the very Africa I had imagined long ago. When I watched movies like Congo growing up (which apparently several actors in the film live in Port St. Johns, I imagined all Africa to appear that way. And while Port St. Johns isn’t nearly as dense as that, it is all I could have ever dreamed of. A great river flows just a few kilometers from the Port and right into some of the most beautiful blue ocean water I’ve ever seen.

Aside from natural beauty, Port St. Johns boasts some of the most marvelous people I’ve found in this colorful country. I do believe it is considered the stoner capital of South Africa. Granted that is considered widely as a downside by land lovers but I find them to be rather wonderful hosts. My travel guide for the day spoke this place like it was all he’d known and all he’d loved. When I would make comparisons to my country in specific scenarios, he seemed to lose interest entirely. It was so nice to finally meet a South African who could only speak fondly of South Africa. He told me, “the beauty of this nation is all but lost on it’s people.” The comment resonates loudly with me as I think of my nation…

After another couple days here I move on to Durban. It’s been too long since I’ve seen a soccer match and I’m getting antsy. I am appreciative of the large projector broadcasting every game here at the Jungle Monkey, but of course, nothing compares to the real deal. The storm has finally passed and the rain has been nudged away by a hot, if not a bit colder for the locals, African sun. My travel expenses are dwindling and creativity and overall enjoyment are on the rise. My dreams are coming true.

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  1. you’re so cute! Getting poorer by the day and your dreams are coming true. That’s beautiful :-)

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