World Cup Union

It’s been a couple weeks now and this country feels like home. I don’t mean home in the sense of comforts and security. I’m talking about the deep rooted assurance that tells us, “You’re supposed to be here right now.” It feels good. I have spent countless hours talking football with Aussies, Germans, Swedes, Portuguese (many, many Portuguese),  my fellow, and wonderfully sarcastic Yanks, French, Irish and so on. In my limited experience in life, I can at least say that this tournament embarrasses all other attempts to unite the world.

After seeing off some dear Canadian friends last night, I am left alone here in Port Elizabeth to consider where to go. A disappointing show down with the Ivory Coast and I’m a bit concerned for our boys. I’ll be skipping the long drive to Cape Town (this time at least) and will be heading to Durban, or at least the general area of Durban… Cape Town will get it’s chance sometime in July. I think I should head to Port St. Johns and stay on the beach at a hostel by the name of “Jungle Monkey and the Island Backpacker’s Lodge”. Priceless.

I have become more excited to meet people than see the matches at this point. Ok that was a bold faced lie, but you can see how serious I am about it. I love this world and it’s people, even the degenerate who held me up for a few hundred rand (sounds a lot worse than it is, trust me).  I cannot wait to head east round the cape and to warmer weather. Durban and a radical match against Brazil is summoning me. Forca Portugal!

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  1. the jungle monkey just seems like the place you’re meant to stay!!

  2. Tacos El Grullo just isn’t the same without you bro! Have fun, be safe, and tell people that Jesus loves em!
    Vaya Con Dios mi amigo!

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