Modern Day Miracles

Growing up, anytime I would hear a story about some great miracle in the bible, I remember thinking, “Well ya if I saw THAT I’d be on board too!” I mean, the onlookers in those days got to see Jesus Christ himself wiping out leprosy and physical deformities left and right. Think of the affect a demon-possessed person has on a small village. Just think, you’re walking downtown to pick up some… well whatever they’d pick up, maybe… some mutton? Anyway, you’re getting your mutton and the village demon dude walks up and gives a slight bow and says, “Hi how are you?”

How profound would it be to see this transformation of someone you know, or anyone for that matter? Think of how it would affect you to see it first hand. I can imagine a lot of people would drop their skepticism toward Christianity if they could just witness God’s miraculous power firsthand. It’s a legitimate ultimatum and I felt exactly the same way at one point.

I think it’s vitally important to remember the time and setting in which Christ lived. We need to remember that Jesus’ miracles weren’t broad-casted on CNN, FOX, ABC and every other three letter station. People couldn’t confirm a story about Jesus’ miracles by first checking their iPhone and hitting up Youtube. They couldn’t even call their relative who lives in a city where it was happening and ask, just to be sure. The people who saw Jesus perform miracles were the people that were right next to Jesus.

Fast forward to today now. There are plenty of people who have heard of a miracle happening in their lifetime. If you’re like me you’re immediate thought might have been, “If I could have seen it I could be sure but it just doesn’t seem legit.” There is one undeniably powerful reason why that is no longer my train of thought. I have seen the miracles.

About a year after I had truly committed my life to the Lord I had an opportunity to travel to Brazil on a mission trip. The team was a steaming train of spiritual warriors, so incredibly in-tuned with God’s guidance. I was in awe of their faith. This team was walking side by side with the living God. I felt tremendously out of place. It wasn’t long before I realized why they were justified in their faith.

At the hands of these working-man Christians and in the name of Jesus Christ I saw demon possessed, screaming, writhing people be released and get up as though they were the most normal people you’d ever meet. I have felt JACKED UP physical deformities literally shifting under my palms to the point that I opened my eyes and stood up, freaked out to see the dudes legs perfectly healed. I have seen a paralyzed old woman get out of a wheel chair and walk… and then run… and then jump about in ecstatic joy. I’ve prayed for people with terminal illnesses and get a call after their next appointment where they repeat the doctor’s astonished remarks to me saying, “there is absolutely nothing wrong with you…”.

How easy it can be to assume it’s all a fraud when you never see it. How easy it can be to never see it when your steering clear of the person who is doing it! Miracles aren’t reserved to old folk tales and they aren’t reserved to foreign countries. Miracles are happening today and they’re happening throughout the entire world. The miracles I have read about, and witnessed first-hand, were performed by people who walked with Jesus.

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