The Edge of Dreams

The dreams of a wanderer are found at home. Home serves it’s sacred purpose in my destiny. I dare not offend. That being said, if the dreams are found at home then the stories are found everywhere else. And the stories I’m talking about are the result of said dreams within the context of reality. Reality is the only separation.

Now I usually avoid delving into the realm of post-modern theories but in this case I think it needs to be said: Reality may be less concrete than we’ve been told. Maybe we are capable of getting a lot more meat off the bones of those dreams.

Ok so maybe we can’t spring into the air and grab onto a speeding jet in mid air as a means of getting around (What? Am I the only one that dreams of that?) but who says we can’t find ourselves in Saudi Arabia, nose deep in a desert adventure (I know I’m not the only one who dreams of that.)?

Our confidence can be limitless in dreams. We can enact an unforgettable endeavor without running it by our superiors or seeking wise council. We find our encouragement in what’s possible rather than what’s socially profitable.

What are your favorite dreams? Flying? Finding buried treasure? Wooing a beautiful dark-skinned girl who barely speaks English? Being the hero in some far away land in great danger? What if you stopped asking what other people recommended and just did something  because you can. What’s stopping you from living out what you’ve been dreaming?

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