What Do You Want From Me?

Time and time again I hear people reminding me that God has a plan for my life. It’s true He has a plan for everyone. I think the problem for me sometimes is realizing the potential for that plan. At some point, many Christians will find themselves unworthy of God’s love, and rightfully so.

I am to the point where I realize God has a great plan for my life. I have come to the acceptance of the fact that His plans for me are beyond my understanding right now. I’m OK with that. What I struggle to remember is the full extent of what God is capable of doing with me. Sometimes I think it’s a nice reminder to consider what God HAS done when considering what he CAN do.

Moses wrote the Torah, lead the Israelites out of captivity to a mighty Egyptian empire and into the promised land, spoke audibly to God and saw Him face to face. This man was once a murderer and a coward.

David wrote much of the Psalms and was King of Israel. He killed a lion and bear with his bare hands. He brought down a giant with a sling and stone and saved his people. God called him a man after his own heart. This man once sent someone to his death so that he could have sex with his widowed wife

Paul wrote to and nurtured the early church after Christ’s death, keeping the faith strong and insuring the spread of the gospel. Despite imprisonment and torture he carried on Christ’s command with zeal. This man once called it his job to arrest or murder all followers of Christ.

Sometimes I think we can be hard on ourselves based on what we have done. But based on what I’ve read in scripture I think God’s far less concerned with what we’ve done and extremely concerned with what we’re going to do. To the adulterous woman in John, who by LAW deserved to die, Jesus simply said, “Go and sin no more”. I truly believe God wants us to cast our discomforting pasts to Him and begin working with Him in writing a suitable future. I wonder how our expectations for ourselves would grow if we stopped dwelling on our failures and started focusing on what God’s willing to do in spite of them.

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