Maunday Thursday

We’re getting down to it now. Inching ever closer to an Easter celebration and in doing so, we arrive at some of the darkest times of Jesus’ life. We look back like this, we take communion, we do so many things to remember and reflect on the past. It is my desire that these reflections prove to be so much more than just petty memento. It was today that Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. To this point in my life, I have yet to wrap my head around that act. As if God humbling himself as a human and coming to serve us wasn’t great enough, He, less than one day from the time he would die, knelt down and washed his followers’ feet.
Someone mentioned a rather quotable question the other day at a bible study and I think it really puts us in the right frame of mind throughout this time. The question goes, “Is the life you’re living worth the death Christ died?” Ouch right? The guy who asked it then followed with a disclaimer that we shouldn’t feel guilty but we should strive to pour out all that we are into a life worthy of Christ’s death. Rest assured, worth and value are in the eye of the beholder. Thank God! Our pathetic offering of a tattered life is all we can give and it is all God wants! He knows how broken we are but, maybe, even more importantly he knows what we were made to be. He knows our full potential.
I look at the disciples during this horribly tasking time in Christ’s life. Put yourself in Christ’s shoes for a moment (I know, scary right) and imagine how frustrated and disappointed you’d be with your disciples. Peter still doesn’t get it… Judas flat out sells you out to be killed for a little silver. After ALL you invested in them… Later on at what might have been your hardest time to date, they’re sleeping? Are you kidding me? Ok ok take yourself out of it before you issue a Christ-like backhanding. You kind of get an idea of what kind of love we’re dealing with here…
He didn’t issue the well deserved beat down. He issued an unprecedented death in the most humiliating, miserable fashion in an epic beat down on death to save us for eternity.
If all He asks in return is that we devote our lives, the ones we’ve all but ruined, to Him, I think that’s something we CAN do.

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