Sunshine or SADness

So a hypochondriac might tell me I have seasonal depression. In fact they have told me. Can you believe the technical acronym for seasonal depression is SAD? Seriously, let’s make it just that much worse for the patient when he hears the doctor say, “I’m sorry to inform you that not only do you feel sad but now you have SAD.”

Regardless of a pretty eerie match up on the symptoms, I’m in denial. On the flip side, the last couple days of sunshine, albeit with spurts of rain, have brought me a tremendous level of happiness. I’m not talking about joy. Joy is a permanent state in my opinion. Sure you’ll have ups and downs but if you have obtained joy in life you are not one bit swayed by life’s obstacles. You have reached a level of peace that…. oh let’s say a level of peace that surpasses understanding for reference sake. That peace will remain in spite of the weather. The more temporal happiness, the moods, the superficial crust of joy, is what I’m addressing. And that kind of mood, is pummeled, in my case, by the weather.

I would be in one serious struggle if I lived permanently in a place with no sunshine. I think people who love rain are sick, SICK individuals. I know it’s emo and artsy to snuggle up and be contemplative on a rainy day but for the UV worshipers, it’s nothing shy of torture. Yes, yes I acknowledge it’s wonderful effects on our agriculture and call that point valid. Regardless, I cannot wait for some consistent sunshine.

So this summer, when the thermometer is reading well passed 100, know that I am smiling. May my conditional happiness in the midst of your misery comfort you this summer. But above all else, may your unhappiness be as temporal as the rainy season in Central California.

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